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Welcome to the Econz Wireless EService and Timecard Developer Zone

Site Purpose

This site has been provided to assist developers in making use of various Econz Wireless software products. It contains examples of software used to access the SOAP APIs of EService and Timecard. Both these products are provided as a hosted service. Users of these services are not charged for the use of the websites or webservices. Monthly fees do however apply to Field Devices (generally these are smart phones) that connect to the hosted services.

This site also contains documentation of the SOAP APIs, the methods available, their return values, the data structures passed in and returned, and any related notes.

The complete source code for all Test Clients is available, including solutions in Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008 and newer in Visual Basic .NET and C# (a Java starter is also available). The Test Client source can be downloaded and examined for inclusion in other projects, or used as reference material for the development of your companies custom applications.

Site Sections

  • Latest News : Updated regularly with important news and information about fixes, source code changes, and new releases.
  • F.A.Q. : A list of often-asked questions about EService and Timecard.
  • EService : Information about the ECONZ Job Management and Wireless Dispatch system.
  • Timecard : Information about the ECONZ Mobile Timesheet Software solution.
  • Web Services : A description of the Web Service developed for EService and Timecard.
  • Client Software : A list of the Test Clients built and available for examination and testing.
  • Downloads : Links to Client Software source code and executable downloads.
  • Notes for using Sandpit system will show you how to use the ECONZ Sandpit server, i.e. the server running EService and Timecard which you can test you SOAP clients against.
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