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07 March 2019 -- Philipc

Updated Timecard SOAP documentation to include info on retrieving mobile device GPS data.

20 September 2016 (NZST) -- Philipc

Regular and observant visitors may have noticed that our hosting has been changed. Although, other than the fact that our visitor count has been reset (check out previous count here - thanks to the wayback machine!) everything else is the same as before.

10 September 2015 (NZST) -- Luish

Timecard CS Client: Updated compatibility with newer vesions of Visual Studio for C# version. The application is now pointing to the American Pre-Production wsdl.

07 September 2015 (NZST) -- Luish

EService CS Client: Updated compatibility with newer vesions of Visual Studio for C# version. The application is now pointing to the most recent NADS5 wsdl. Updated with a setting used to prevent errors when user is working behind a proxy that doesn’t support Expect100Continue.

23 December 2009 (NZST) -- Ruskind

Added explicit documentation for callback interface and retested EService callback service with both WCF and ASMX callback interfaces using VS2008 and VS2003. Refer to EService Soap API for more information.

30 July 2009 (NZST) -- Philipc

The Sandpit system is not currently available, please contact ECONZ if you wish to do integration testing.

12 October 2007 (NZST) -- Tristan

Added note on the Integrator to the Client_Software page.

28 March 2006 (NZST) -- Philipc

Source code (and pre-built binaries) of example client applications our now available to download for the EService SOAP interface (previously only Timecard examples were available for download). Examples of both EService and Timecard SOAP clients are available and these examples are written in either C# or VB .NET.

14 February 2006 (NZST) -- Tristan

The "Sandpit" system has been released and is available for developers to use as a test bed. The URL for EService is, and for Timecard the URL is Please contact an ECONZ Integration Consultant to set up a test organization for use in your testing. Alternatively you might like to use our global demo login or have a go at creating your own demo organization on the sandpit system.

26 January 2006 (NZST) -- Tristan

Major revamp of the Wiki in relation to the open sourcing of the test clients. We are also setting up a new "sandpit" server, to allow users and developers to run and test the SOAP Test Clients, Timecard and EService servers, which should be available early February. Release of the Test Clients is therefore being delayed until the server is deployed.

12 January 2006 (NZST) -- Tristan

ECONZ has now created an open source project on SourceForge for hosting various Web Services Demo clients. Both source code and binary releases of the Timecard Test Clients can be found in the ECONZ Timecard project.

09 November 2005 (NZST) -- Philipc

Significant tidy up of the Timecard SOAP documentation including links to the java doc style auto generated documentation.

06 September 2005 (NZST) -- Tristan

Final additions to the EService SOAP 3 API have been made, adding field sizes and requirements to all the basic data types to be used when calling the API.

3 August 2005 (NZST) -- Tristan

Added the first cut of the documentation for the Timecard SOAP API. The API documentation will continue to be revised and enhanced over the coming months.

16 June 2005 (NZST) -- Tristan

The Frequently Asked Questions page has been updated with a new look, and several more questions have been added.

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