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Welcome to the Econz Wireless Timecard Developer page

Timecard is the Mobile Timesheet Software solution developed by Econz Wireless.

It is provided to customers as a subscriber based service.

Employers can create tasks using a Web Based interface, while the employees will be able to select and track their time against each task through a variety of compatible field devices, including Tablets and a range of cell phones (e.g. Blackberry, Nokia, Android and iPhone). Up to the minute reports of the time spent on various tasks/jobs can be generated for individual employees, teams, and for the organization as a whole.

For companies which already have an time tracking system, but which lacks the mobile time and task management capabilities of Timecard, we have created a set of SOAP Web Services (http://www.w3.org/2002/ws/). These services allow any external system to connect directly to Timecard, adding this highly effective management tool directly into the company work flow for minimal cost and effort.

To assist with the integration of Timecard and other management systems, we have created a number of DotNet Client Software examples which utilize Web Services to retrieve and manage time and task data in Timecard. A Simple Java example to connect is here.

For more information please see http://www.econz.com

The Timecard SOAP API is documented here. The raw timecard WSDL is available here. Human readable documentation generated from the latest WSDL is available here (this is the best link to use if you know what you are doing!).

To test your SOAP client, Econz provides the Sandpit system. Notes for using the Sandpit system are documented here.

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