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|The name of the user.
|The name of the user.

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This class represents all the details related to users of the EService system.


The data fields of this object.

Name Type Size Required Description
deleted boolean 1 No An indication of the deleted state of the record. True indicates the user has been deleted and can no longer be used to logon or work on EService/Timecard.
description String 50 No A short description of the user.
emailAddress String 64 No The email address of the user.
faxNumber String 30 No The user's fax number.
loginID String 30 Yes The logon id (logon name) used to log onto the EService/Timecard system.
mobileNumber String 30 No The mobile phone number of the user.
name String 50 Yes The name of the user.
pagerNumber String 30 No The pager number of the user.
phoneNumber String 30 No The standard phone number for the user.
primaryKey String 9 Yes The EService/Timecard assigned primary key for the user.
securityAnswer String 32 No The user's answer to their special security verification question.
securityQuestion String 128 No The user's special security verification question.
synchronisation SynchronisationBean array N/A No An array of SynchronisationBean objects, showing all current sync flags and custom data associated with the user record.
timezone String 50 No The local timezone of the user.
updateIndex int 10 Yes The time derived int value of the user record, used for concurrency checks.
userType String 9 Yes One of the user types specified for this organisation during initial setup.
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