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GetCustomersBySynchronisationResult getCustomersBySynchronisation(UserIDBean userID, String synchronisationID, String synchronisationReference, String afterPK)


Retrieve the customer(s), specified by the ID of the customer(s) in the external application data to which they are synchronised to, from the customer synchronisation table. If the last parameter, i.e. afterPK, is not null, the customer record(s) retrieved must have a Primary Key greater than the afterPK. The number of objects returned by a single call is limited, to aquire a complete list, this method should be called repeatedly with the afterPK parameter set to the primary key of the last element in the result of the previous call, until an empty result is returned.


Type Name Description
UserIDBean userID The admin username and password.
String synchronisationID The ID of the organisation to which the customer record(s) have been synchronised to. It is usually the name of the organisation.
String synchronisationReference The ID of the customer record (that has been synchronised) in the external record, i.e. accounting package's Account ID.
String afterPK The lower bound of the PK of the customer record(s) that can be retrieved.

Return Value


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