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Returns an array of JobCustomerBean for each job it can find that is considered "unsynchronized" for the "flag" name (synchronisationID field) passed in. This includes all jobs that have never been marked as "synchronised" by calling the AckJobSynchronisation method with its details, and jobs that have been marked, but has been changed or been updated in some way since the last marking as "synchronised" process.

Success Mode

Returns an aray of zero or more JobCustomerBean in the jobs field which match the criteria described above.

Failure Modes

One or more failure fields will be populated with a failure object (will contain a non-null reference) indicating the nature of the failure, with relevant information.

Type Description
AccessDeniedFailure The username or password was incorrect, or lacked the right to complete this function.
ValidationFailure One or more fields contained invalid values.
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