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OnHoldJobResult onHoldJob(UserIDBean userID, JobTemporalIDBean job, String onHoldReason, String notes, Calendar whenEstimatedResume, Calendar whenEstimatedEnd)


Places the specified job on hold. If the user's organisation has been set up in NADS to allow job updates from the server, the field device will be notified. If the organisaiton does not allow updates from the server, the job will be set "Dead In Field" and any further communication from the field device relating to this job will be ignored by the server


Type Name Description
UserIDBean userID The admin username and password.
JobTemporalIDBean job The job to be placed on hold.
String onHoldReason The reason for placing the job on hold. Must match one of the previously setup up on hold reasons.
String notes Any additional notes about placing this job on hold.
Calendar whenEstimatedResume The date and time when the job is estimated to be resumed.
Calendar whenEstimatedEnd The date and time the job is expected to be finished by.

Return Value


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