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RegisterCallbackResult registerCallback(UserIDBean userID, String url, UserIDBean callbackUserID, long updatePeriod, CallbackVersion version)


Registers an instance of the callback interface for receiving events related to field devices and jobs. Each user may register only once, if more than one callback interface must be registered, a user for each must be created in the NADS system.

As part of the registration process, getVersion will be called on the interface to ensure that the version is supported and the interface is up. If this test fails, an failure will be returned by this method.


Type Name Description
UserIDBean userID The admin username and password used by your application to communicate with EService (in this case your application is actually a server that is implementing the Callback API).
String url The URl location of the callback interface instance.
UserIDBean callbackUserID The username and password required for EService to be able to access methods on the callback instance (that implements the Callback API).
long updatePeriod The period in seconds between calls to the callback interface. The minimum period between updates is 10 seconds, and the recommended value is 60 seconds.
CallbackVersion version The particular version of the callback interface that has been implemented.

Return Value


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