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The SOAP Interfaces

There are three versions of the EService SOAP API. The SOAP interfaces have been developed to allow developers to link external systems directly to EService. By linking external job management systems to EService, clients can continue to use their existing job management systems, data storage, and invoice/costing systems. EService becomes an extension to their system, allowing wireless job dispatch and update system.

Soap 5

The primary SOAP API for managing all data pertaining to Jobs, Customers, Employees, and Resources.

SOAP 5 WSDL for domain (for the domain, please use NZ SOAP 5 WSDL).

Soap 3

An older version, this one is pointing to NADS3. Maintains the same functionality as the soap 5 version.

SOAP 3 Documentation

SOAP 3 Callback WSDL

SOAP 3 Callback Documentation

Soap 2

An older version, has similar scope for allowing for the management of customer, resource, and employee data. However, this version is only fully compatible with a Java Client application, other languages will not be able to fully interpret the return values, and is considered obsolete.

Soap 1

The earliest version of the interface contains limited functionality. It will only allow for the creation, update, and retrieval of information directly pertaining to jobs. It is considered obsolete, and is no longer used or supported.

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