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GetJobDetailsByExternalRefResult getJobDetailsByExternalRef(UserIDBean userID, ExternalRefBean[] externalRefs)


Retrieves a selection of jobs by use of the external reference field, rather than the Job primary key. Each of the ExternalRefBean fields, ID and Area, are in this instance, used as patterns to search for matching jobs. The patterns may also include wild cards, as noted below:

  •  ? (Question Mark) can be used as a wild card in place of a single character
  • * (Asterix) can be used as a wild card in place of a zero or more characters
  • \ (Back Slash) preceeds the wild card if you are looking to match the ? or * characters themselves, rather than use them as wild cards
  • \\ (Double Back Slash) is used to match a single \
  • The method is limited to return no more than 100 records.


Type Name Description
UserIDBean userID The admin username and password.
ExternalRefBean array externalRefs An array of external references indicating the jobs to be retrieved.

Return Value


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