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If you want RateCode info in an organisation, you will need to add this via the follow webservice method call which provides a single "rateCode" to be associated with the taskName (Job) and the userPK (Employee):

addRateCode(UserIDBean userID, String taskName, String rateCode, String userPK);

Here is the WSDL documentation: http://eservicewebtest.econz.com/SOAP/timecard_wsdl_doc.html#op.d1e1543

RateCode info is stored in a table called USER_TASK_RATE_CODE and is extracted and shown in the following webservice methods when present:

  • getDetailedHourSummariesWithRateCodeAndPremiumPay
  • getDetailedHourSummariesWithRateCode
  • getDetailedUserHourSummaryWithRateCode
  • getDetailedUserHourSummaryWithRateCodeAndPremiumPay

These methods return rate code, it is only available via webservices...

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