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RecallJobResult recallJob(UserIDBean userID, JobTemporalIDBean jobID, String reason, String notes, boolean isForced)


Attempts to recall the job from the field worker. If the isForced variable is false, the recall will fail if the field worker has already started work on the job (progressed job to STARTED JobStatus). If the isForced variable is set to true, the recall will succeed, even if the job has been started.

On successful recall, the job will return to the dispatch system, ready to be assigned to another field worker.


Type Name Description
UserIDBean userID The admin username and password.
JobTemporalIDBean jobID The primary key and update index of the job to be recalled.
String reason The reason for recalling the job.
String notes And aditional notes relating to the reason for recalling the job.
boolean isForced Indicates the job should be recalled even after the job has alraedy been started by the field worker.

Return Value


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